5 mistakes in choosing CRM


Almost every company which has more than 10 employers is using CRM software in order to proceed more effectively, be in charge of what is going on in your company, protect the business from a human factor and reduce labor costs of managers on work with clients.

It is really important to have CRM which will assist you and won't make additional difficulties and we want to share with you with most common mistakes of choosing a program which will help you to work with clients.

1. People who just started their business and are totally new in this topic can decide to start with comprehensive CRM. Companies want to save budget and use CRM systems which are universal, popular and which you shouldn't adapt to the specifics of your field of activity. But lately, lot's of people who have chosen such systems start to realize that they slow down the processes, and not optimize. So after purchasing the CRM, you need to pay extra costs for optimization and customization. Don't be afraid to invest money in the CRM system, as it will help you to earn more in future

2. You need to remember that CRM system it is not a modern address book. Main functions of high-quality and working CRM are systematization of information about customers, transactions, process history, as well as building the connection between these data. If your CRM system also has the possibility of business process visualization and also helps to understand and analyze a large amount of data, you will be able to monitor all information and lead your company in the right direction.

3. If you have an effective CRM system, it should be possible to integrate it with platforms which are already used by your company. Why it is needed? According to the latest researches done by Aberdeen Research, companies which have their CRM systems connected with email have growth of incomes higher in 19% then companies which don't have such synchronization. So do not choose a comprehensive CRM system in a rush, better take some time to check other options of CRM with the possibility of synchronization

4. When you are choosing a CRM system you should think not only about its function but also about your team which will be using it. You can choose CRM with lots of tools and forget about who will be using it, will it help them to sell your services better, smarter and faster. In order not to waste your money, we suggest you try the demo version of CRM. This won't cost you much but will help you to identify if this CRM system will be useful for your team and company.

5. The last and biggest mistake companies can make while choosing CRM is not fitting to the goals and strategy of their sales and marketing teams. If it will be too complicated and not comfortable in use, it is a waste. You need to think about what data you need to collect and how CRM will help your company to grow. The best way not to make such a mistake is to talk to your team members and understand what core functions they need and what don't. Thanks to this you can choose the most suitable functionality for your company and be confident that it is a good investment in your business which won't be a waste of your budget.

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