Remote Programminig: Expectations vs. Reality


Home office is certainly an interesting alternative for every office worker. Particular attention to this type of work should be paid to programmers who can work from anywhere, all they need is a computer.

Certainly, the advantages of such work can be a sense of freedom, the fact that nothing limits us and we are the boss for ourselves. Another positive aspect of home office is saving time, which we do not waste on commuting and returning from the office. Working at home will give us a lack of office distractions, colleagues whispers, or even a radio that we don't like.

Of course, not everything is a plus. The home office has drawbacks, which may prove to be a lack of motivation to work. When working from home, we don't have the same motivation that we drive to work in the office. The same can happen with planning and organizing time. We live privately at home, and this does not always bode well as a remote programmer. Another disadvantage may be home distractions, family making noise or children having fun, the obligation to cook dinner or clean the apartment, it can be anything. It would not be a problem on the daily basis, but it may become a problem when we would like to work.

Developers choose a different way of home office, sometimes it is full time home office, and sometimes works between the office and their home. Working as a programmer certainly provides the opportunity to work from home, but the success of such a solution depends on the programmer and whether he will be able to reconcile the changes that are associated with it.

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