What are basic steps in logo development?


Company logotype is one of the most important things about creating your brand. This is how our customers will be able to recognize your product or services. Before to start working with logotype, you need to know, what is design, as logotype is part of it. Everything what is around us, what we see, what we use, what we got used to is made with the help of Design. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?
But if you think that creating a logo is an easy job, I will disappoint you and will say that you are wrong. The worldwide market is full of logos or plenty of products and services, so a designer who is working on the company’s logo needs to think behind the standards and stereotypes to create something totally new. Furthermore, a designer needs to put the idea of companies main vision into a small logotype and do it in his own personal style.

Rules for creating a logotype
1. Forget about existing of impossible tasks, even if you don’t have inspiration or solution, just be patient and you will find a way to make this project.

2. You need to find the main idea for your logotype. There is one simple way how to find a way how to create a perfect logo. Try to use the association method. Think about what that company is producing in which area and so on. For example, we have a building company. What is the first and the most simple association in your head when you talk about building company? Mostly the first that comes in your mind is brick, something that is connected with shape and structure or color but to be honest that is not enough for making a good logo. So let’s think about the next association, for example about a house that was built with those bricks. But the logo for building company with the house is too predictable. We need to make a client think about the meaning of the logotype, to catch his eye, so let’s move on to the next association, which could be a construction that reminds brickwork. Materials which are used for producing it can induce the customer to think about characteristics of the material, that it is durable. That can be the perception of the firm by customers. We finally found our fundamental piece for the logotype.

3. During the whole process of working on logotype, we also need to remember about brand style for it, because it should be well compared with the company’s style.

4. Creating a mood board. That’s one of the most popular methods of working among creative people, as it helps to make different variations for your project. You can make your mood board online with the help of trending websites like Pinterest or Realtimeboard. but you can also print picture photos and make it using the magnetic board.

That would be probably the most basic rules when you are working with the logotypes but each designer can have his own specific ways of inspirations and working organization.

In the end, we also want to mention last but not the less important aspect, which is connected with the presentation of logotype to clients. The way how you are showing logo that was made to a client has a really strong influence on him. One of the most effective strategies of presentation is explaining how you came to this logo. Tell them about every association that was taken into consideration during the process and how you came to the final result. Just try to avoid formal presentation instead of that try to make it more interactive and you will have clients in your pocket!

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